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Marketing Trends for 2017

With a new year upon us, it’s time to start looking at what new marketing trends we can expect for 2017. There were many changes in the last couple of years in marketing and social media. As marketers we were focused on consumers with consumer-centric marketing, improving the consumer experience and gathering and analyzing consumer insights so we could better understand that precious ‘target audience.’ Digital marketing is a medium that constantly evolves and changes and we need to stay on top of new technologies and find strategies that encourage targeted marketing.

Some important areas that we need to focus on this year:

Interactive Content

In order to keep our audience’s attention, we will have to engage them with our content. Blog posts and infographics are still great ways to connect with consumers but it’s important to have interactive content like training modules and games to keep audiences clicking, swiping and sharing information.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the software used to automate repetitive marketing actions such as email, social media and other website actions. It is growing substantially and now there are now more and more B2B organizations using marketing automation than ever before. According to Veinteractive, ‘marketing automation has grown so quickly that as of 2016, a reported 49% of companies are using the technology in their marketing strategies. For B2B companies in particular, this figure rises to 55%’. The trend indicates that this growth is definitely going to continue so marketers must ensure that they are using marketing automation to its greatest potential.

When developing the 2017 digital marketing strategy, there are a few things we will want to make sure we have in our plan:

1. Create Connections: Don’t just sell products/services through digital marketing, create a connection with your audience. The success of blogging, social media, and marketing hubs are the evidence of this. Engage your customers by delivering compelling and convenient content/visuals.

2. Increase Engagement:

Well, now the nature of people is social and they should feel a connection with your brand, product, people, etc. So, make your customers feel connected with the people behind the brand and in 2017, look for ways to convert them into brand evangelists.

3. Emphasize on Visuals

If you look at the social platforms who are rising immensely are all visual mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. So, no matter how good your content is, it needs to be visually compelling that can engage customers with it.

4. Follow 80/20 rule:

As per a well-known principle, almost 80% of the customers won’t engage with your marketing efforts and 20% will spend some time to look at them. Of those about 5% will follow your call to action and will convert.

5. Analyze and Optimize

The world of digital marketing is rapidly changing and if you stay constant then you will be left nowhere. So, keep analyzing the result of what you are doing and constantly seek improvement to engage more customers.

Technologies are continually advancing and so is the social media and other digital marketing platforms, thus, no matter which platform you are focusing on, these above rules will help you grow in 2017. So, be ready to move with the flow of digital marketing.

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